Sunday, 9 May 2021
In the third edition of the Jebel Shams adventure challenge,Over 250 adventurers from the Gulf Cooperation Council, Arab and foreign nations participated in the third edition of the Jabal Shams adventure challenge.

Over 250 adventurers participate in Jabal Shams Challenge

The occasion was organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Husak Group of the Mountain Al Jebal Al Hajariya organization for Travel and Tourism. It was component of the efforts of the ministry of tourism to market adventure tourism. In the Sultanate, there is a massive demand for the organic components tourism which integrated mountains, caves, and Wadis. All sorts of help are created obtainable for adventure tourism in the nation such as mountain paths, recommendations and very first help kits, health-related crews, rescue teams, and other needed gear and logistics for the adventure races.

The Department of Tourism in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate offered logistical assistance to make the occasion a achievement. The occasion was the largest occasion of its sort in Jabal Shams. Three participants had been declared the winner of the challenge. They reached the highest point of the mountain referred to as Jabal Shams, explored its organic elements and attractions.

Ali Hussain, Director of Husak Group, mentioned the Jabal Shams challenge was a massive achievement. This is due to the cooperation of the concerned authorities specifically the Ministry of Tourism. He mentioned from amongst the 250 participants, most of them had been from Gulf nations. The occasion showcased the prospective of the development of adventure tourism in Jabal Shams.

He added that we are producing work to make certain that the Sultanate emerges as the greatest nation for adventure tourism due to its organic diversity, accessibility, security, safety and the hospitality of the Omani individuals. He also mentioned that there was optimistic impression about the neighborhood communities and culture, Ali Hussein amongst the participants. The purity of the atmosphere and its cleanliness was appreciated by them.

Ali Hussain mentioned that the objective of these activities was to effectively make the Sultanate a special tourist location, specifically for these who are interested in adventure tourism. He mentioned that the Sultanate has the elements like mountains and deserts to attract them.

Many of the participants of this year’s challenge have mentioned that they would continue to participate in the occasion subsequent year. They have thanked concerned authorities for their hospitality and arrangement.

Ahmed bin Nasser bin Salem al Abri mentioned that organising the race challenge was an crucial step to market adventure tourism in the Sultanate, specifically Jabal Shams. The Ministry of Tourism wanted to market adventure tourism in the nation and Jabal Shams as 1 of the significant tourist items. This is simply because the Sultanate has its organic components. He added that the hosting of 250 adventurers who climbed Jabal Shams was effective. Oman is effectively ready to host such events. The accommodation facilities of Al Hamra was the greatest location to accommodate all of them.

Khalid Jafar from Kuwait who represented the organising organization mentioned that this occasion attracted numerous adventure lovers from different nations. It showed that they liked the components of Oman for adventure tourism. He mentioned that the expertise was encouraging for all these who looked forward to producing this occasion a achievement.

For the 12 participants who have come from Bahrain, the adventure tourism in the Sultanate of Oman was a surprise. It was a fantastic expertise due to the organic diverse components of this nation, mentioned Jassim al Bastaki, the Bahraini adventurer, who visits the Sultanate twice a year on motorcycles. He mentioned that the Sultanate must be boldly promoted as significant adventure tourism location. I visited the Sultanate six instances in eight months


Hala al Waqdani from Saudi Arabia mentioned that she visited the Sultanate eight instances in six months and toured numerous locations to appreciate the beauty of nature of the nation. “I discovered that Oman has most suitable components of adventure tourism and greatest in the area.

Haya Al Sammari of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia mentioned that she visited Oman twice a month as component of the Hosak organization which is organiser of the challenge. “I was impressed by the beauty of the Sultanate and its features which are less than in many other countries. Every time I visited it, something new I discovered. It made me develop a relationship with the Sultanate,” she mentioned.

Marwan Al Jahani mentioned that he was 1 of the total 30 participants who has come from Saudi Arabia to participate in the race challenge. It offered us an chance to find out a lot about the Sultanate and its prospective for adventure tourism.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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