Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
OTC students touchdown concluding international exchange

OTC students touchdown concluding international exchange

The group returned this week following a variety of academic forums and visits to rural destinations, ecotourism and World Heritage Sites.

The cohort reportedly joined peers from West Visayas State University in Iloilo to enrich their understanding at OTC with very first-hand evaluation and analysis in a thriving tourism hotspot with direct parallels to crucial assets in Oman’s tourism profile.

“Whilst students share knowledge, ideas, and experiences OTC is fostering international relations in South East Asia to complement existing partnerships with institutions in Europe. Through cultural exchanges we expose students to yet another mode of experiential learning and enrich their education using destinations and attractions that possess valuable lessons in relation to understanding Oman’s emerging prospects in the global travel and tourism market,” mentioned Dr Abdulkarim al Mughairi, dean of OTC.

Within OTC’s cultural exchange framework, students have undertaken language classes, while sharing conventional culinary experiences and engaging the pleasantries of cultural arts in a foreign land. With a robust concentrate on neighborhood outreach the students have in turn promoted their personal nearby heritage with students from across South East Asia, delivering a cultural assembly featuring music and conventional dance wearing the customary Omani attire, in addition to the preparation of mouth-watering nearby foods for their peers.

He added, “We have big plans for the growth of ‘Noble Oman’, our international volunteering and exchange network. OTC is the co-organiser of this engagement and has received great support from the Philippines counterpart. It is a rare experience for local youth to work closely with international students and share their culture whilst advancing their understanding of what development means in review of other locales. This has been an excellent step forward in our mission.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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