Tuesday, 30 May 2023
OQIC launches new online service for motor claims

OQIC launches new on-line service for motor claims

Navin Kumar, CEO, OQIC and Frederick Bisbjerg, EVP, MENA Region, OQIC addressed the gathering to reveal specifics of the service throughout the launch at Sheraton Oman Hotel.

Bisbjerg stated, “We are launching this in Oman as a lot more and a lot more individuals are prepared to go on-line to file their claims. In Oman, no one buys insurance coverage via smartphone apps. However, seven per cent of consumers acquire policies on-line. Then, there is a larger percentage who pay a visit to our site and get the quote, fill out every thing about the automobile, then they nonetheless do not really feel comfy about paying on-line. After they have completed every thing required, they contact our contact centre to finish the transaction.

“Customers can visit our website www.oqic-insured.com. It offers customers the convenience and ease of filling and tracking motor claims without having to visit a branch or wait in a queue to file a claim.”

He stated that the program is 100 per cent smartphone-enabled. Traditionally for a claim you have to go to a branch for finishing the paper perform. “But now you can do exactly the same online. So if you stay in a remote area you can upload the document on the website from your phone and file your claim. We will secure it. Or if you do not want to go to the website you can send the relevant documents through WhatsApp. Just take the picture and send it. After accident if you don’t feel good you can WhatsApp us the details.”

Kumar stated the thought is to make the claims procedure straightforward, transparent and handy. “We are trying to make the experience better, faster and efficient. By offering a web-based self service tool our customers will have the freedom to register and track claims from any place, anywhere and anytime.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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