Monday, 6 Feb 2023
Online poll suggests sultanate needs to refresh its brand image

Online poll suggests sultanate requirements to refresh its brand image

These findings have been revealed by an on the internet poll carried out by Ithraa which is preparing to organise a session on Nation Branding as component of its Inside Stories series. Inside Stories is a gathering space for some of sultanate’s most inspirational and revolutionary folks from distinct fields to share and discover new tips and stories.

In the poll, 68 per cent of the folks voted in favour of the view that Oman’s brand is related with heritage and culture, although 18 per cent voted for way of life and tourism and 14 per cent for trade and company.

Majority of the folks (70 per cent) voted that Oman’s strongest brand asset was its folks, although 23 per cent voted for country’s high quality of life and seven per cent for goods it provides.
In the poll, folks also created it clear that making a nation branding was not an simple job as 71 per cent of them voted ‘yes’ in response to the query whether or not making a cohesive message was today’s greatest nation branding challenge.

While a majority of voters believed nation branding was difficult, 88 per cent of the respondents also felt Oman requirements to refresh its brand story. Meanwhile, 82 per cent of voters also felt that international perceptions of Oman does not reflect reality.

In its description about the session on Nation Branding, Ithraa stated that branding Oman is not about a logo but the intricate specifics behind it and every little thing it represents – as little as clean beaches and as deep as obtaining the sultanate’s residents, folks of all nationalities, to really feel proud to be brand ambassadors.

“When people take pride, visitors and businesses are encouraged to find out what the fuss is all about and then tell the world,” it stated.

The authority additional described a nation’s brand as a multidimensional assortment of functional, emotional, relational and strategic components that collectively create a distinctive set of associations in the public’s thoughts.

“These come together to create a brand image – a bundle of ideas, feelings and attitudes that people have about a particular country. And with the impact of globalisation and the rise of the Attraction Economy, it’s increasingly important that Oman gets its international image right. Essentially, we’re up against every country in the world competing for attention, investment, talent and respect.”

Like any nation, Oman’s brand is knowledgeable via different encounters – these variety from how vacationers are welcomed by immigration officers at Muscat International Airport, to the ease of setting up a company, via to the high quality of goods bearing the ‘Origin Oman’ label, the authority stated.

“All these impressions and experiences, large and small, impact on the potential customer, on what they think and ultimately do, whether they’re booking a holiday, buying a product, or making an investment.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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