Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022
Online auction for diamond and gold mobile numbers tomorrow

Online auction for diamond and gold mobile numbers tomorrow

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) will oversee the implementation of the quantity allocation procedure by Omantel and Ooredoo by means of a bidding procedure on their web sites. Mohammed al Kindi, executive manager of Regulatory and Compliance Unit, TRA mentioned, “Through this auction, TRA aims to make certain transparency in the allocation of particular numbers to all the beneficiaries.

“The other objective is to limit the illegal trade in special numbers, noting that the revenue from such bidding will go to charitable organisations in the sultanate in accordance with the Telecommunications Regulatory Act.”

Kindi mentioned that TRA has issued a regulation on the allocation of telecommunication numbers pursuant to selection (No 1/2018) that was published in the gazette. As per this selection, the allocation of diamond and gold numbers will be by means of auction in accordance with the procedures set forth in the selection.

Kindi mentioned that chapter 3 of the regulation stipulates that the allocation and re-allocation of diamond and gold numbers will be by means of auction in accordance with certain procedures. These contain: the licensees are obliged to conduct the bidding method at their personal price, bidding shall be in Omani rial, bidding shall take spot upon request by the licensee and in accordance with TRA applicable guidelines and regulations.

TRA mentioned that auction period can be extended at the request of the licensee. Bidding procedure will commence at RO100 for diamond numbers and RO75 for gold numbers. “Winner of the auction shall pay the amount due within three days. If the auction winner fails to pay the amount due, the following bid will be chosen provided that the bid’s value is not less than 75 per cent of the first bid value. If the latter fails too, the third bid will be selected provided that it is not less than 75 per cent of the first bid value. Otherwise, the auction will be cancelled. Registrants shall be entitled to peruse the results of the auction and the licensee shall pay the bidding bill amount to TRA less the amounts accrued to the licensee,” the authority mentioned.

Eng Babker Othman, manager of Technical Standards and Numbering Department at Regulatory and Compliance Unit, TRA, mentioned, “The role of TRA is to issue the regulation on the organisation of bidding and the provisions that apply for the bidding process. This is important to regulate the bidding and oversee the process that will be implemented by the telecom operators (Omantel and Ooredoo).”

Responding to social media enquiries on diamond and gold numbers bidding procedure, Eng Othman mentioned, “The diamond and gold numbers are the most popular among users. Silver numbers are not included in the auction and have a fixed price of RO50.”

As for the procedures set by TRA to avoid prospective manipulation, he mentioned that the worth among the initial and second bid shall not be much less than 75 per cent.

Eng Othman mentioned that TRA has issued a regulation to allocate particular numbers by means of auctioning which guarantees that the numbers attain the maximum quantity of interested customers. “We are confident that the auctioning system will ensure confidentiality of bidder data.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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