Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
Omran top management visits Al Ansab Wetlands

Omran leading management visits Al Ansab Wetlands

The team visited some of the crucial facilities in Haya Water to view the solutions offered by the organization, and discover additional possibilities of optimising Al Ansab Wetlands to be amongst the important touristic and educational facilities in Muscat.

Al Ansab Wetland is positioned close to the city of Irfan, the multi-use urban centre becoming implemented by Omran, which contains the very first phase of the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre and a host of international hotels and facilities.

The guests can see migratory birds in the lakes all through the year. Visitors to the lakes can also see the numerous all-natural environments inside which the numerous wildlife species are positioned and which have produced the region appealing to several nearby and international vacationers interested in environmental tourism and bird watching.

During the go to, they discussed a number of crucial subjects which are anticipated to improve the tourism in the sultanate. The principal topic was how to make Al Ansab Wetland as the very first interface for Al Irfan guests. Both sides also discussed the want for a clear mechanism to connect the Al Irfan city with waste water and remedy networks which will serve to shield the atmosphere from pollution and will supply treated wastewater rather of consuming fresh water.

Both parties agreed to function collectively to create the region and come up with a conceptual proposal on how to very best create and utilise Al Ansab Wetland to accomplish sustainability.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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