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Oman’s largest Centre for Sports Medicine opened

Oman’s biggest Centre for Sports Medicine opened

The centre will be run by a unique team of 19 senior orthopaedic surgeons at its two hospitals in Ruwi and Al Khoudh apart from coordinating emergency solutions all by means of the sultanate.

The new centre was inaugurate by Oman international striker Khalid al Hajri in the presence of Sheikh Shabib al Hosni, deputy CEO of Oman Football Association and the directors of Badr al Samaa – Abdul Latheef, Dr V T Vinod – as nicely as senior orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists from nine branches of the group and other officials.

Speaking on the occasion, Latheef mentioned that Badr al Samaa has been frequently upgrading its solutions given that its launch in 2002 and that the new division of sports medicine was the most recent providing to folks in Oman. “We are present in the GCC and in India but we chose to make Oman as our base as we love Oman and its population,” he mentioned.

“Our association with the Oman Football Association (OFA) has been there for the past five years and we hope to continue as their official medical sponsor for many years ahead.”

In his address to the gathering, Hosni commended the service of Badr al Samaa and hoped that they would continue supplying them with the greatest health-related help to maintain the OFA team in a higher state of wellness and fitness.

“Since the start of Oman Professional League in September 2013, Badr al Samaa has done an excellent job for us. The current football management system seeks to ensure a good level of fitness for all players, without which they cannot play in any tournament. For achieving this, we rely on the services of Badr al Samaa,” Hosni mentioned.

Badr al Samaa had began its journey in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation beneath the guidance of Dr Kamran Sayeed, senior consultant, Dept of Orthopaedics, Badr al Samaa Hospital, Ruwi, who had moved to Oman right after 18 years expertise in England. He has treated civilians as nicely as British army personnel and created unique interest in sports medicine, foot and ankle surgery and reduced limb arthroplasty.

The Centre of Sports Medicine at Badr al Samaa is now comparable with the greatest sports medicine facilities in terms of infrastructure as nicely as faculty. The centre specialises in diagnosis, rehabilitation and surgery of sufferers with sports associated injuries. The team has substantial expertise in arthroscopic knee and ankle ligament surgery and the core location of experience is in foot and ankle surgery, reduced limb arthroplasty, complicated trauma and arthroscopic surgery.

Badr al Samaa has performed a lot more than 800 knee arthroscopies which contains Meniscectomy, ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction and MPFL reconstruction. It has performed substantial quantity of shoulder arthroscopies which contains Biceps tenotomy, Subacromial decompression, acromioplasty and Supraspinatus repair. The division has also performed numerous ankle arthroscopies which contains loose physique removal, micro fracture, sub-condral cyst enucleation, removal of Os Trigonum (Posterior ankle arthroscopy – very first time in Oman), ATFL and CFL reconstruction.

Dr Vinod added, “We are proud to launch the Centre for Sports Medicine at Badr al Samaa. This is a comprehensive facility with customised programmes for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery that is benchmarked to the best sports medicine facilities in the private healthcare sector in Oman.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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