Monday, 30 Jan 2023
Oman’s first private specialised heart care centre opens in Muscat

Oman’s very first private specialised heart care centre opens in Muscat

Speaking exclusively to Muscat Daily, Dr Matlooba al Zadjali, founder of the centre stated, “The centre will provide innovative, integrated, high-quality and cost-effective cardiac and vascular care services to patients suffering from chronic diseases in a compassionate manner.”

She stated, “The centre will also offer an effective alternative to the current cycle of acute care management with complete patient evaluation, education, regular monitoring and immediate response.”

The centre will also be committed to the continuation of patient care, as an choice, with residence visits, she stated.

“Home-visit service is unique in the private sector. It’s mainly for patients who cannot reach the healthcare centre, require education and close monitoring and follow-up in order to prevent re-hospitalisation (mainly for patients who suffer from heart failure). It is also for patients who require wound dressing, diabetic foot, etc,” Dr Matlooba added.

She emphasised that it will also act as a resource centre committed to enhancing the way of life of individuals and their households. “Taking into consideration the currently increased life expectancy of the Omani population and increasing chronic cardiovascular diseases among the elderly, the centre is expected to take the lead in caring for this group in the near future.”

Dr Matlooba stated that the centre also aims at affiliating with 1 of the institutions of excellence in Singapore in future.

“We are still looking for options in Singapore, but in Hungary, we already have a contract, which is under process, with Gottensegen Hungarian Institute of Cardiology, Budapest.”

The objective is to supply unique solutions in terms of sophisticated heart failure management: heart transplant, new strategies in the management of heart failure, congenital heart ailments, and vascular ailments.

The centre is also in the procedure of affiliating with other centres in Germany, Austria, Turkey, and the UK.

“The other uniqueness of our centre is that we provide a service which organises patients’ medications. This will increase compliance and adherence to medications and prevent readmission to the hospital and improve patients’ quality of life.”

The centre is open from 9am to 1pm and 4.30-eight.30pm. The centre can be reached at 94269189/24138093.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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