Monday, 6 Feb 2023
Oman's all-women hiking group hopes to break barriers

Oman’s all-ladies hiking group hopes to break barriers

It is attempting to break the stereotype and encourage ladies from all backgrounds and age to come forward and expertise the joy of adventure sports.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Samiya Sinan al Gahwari, founder and team leader, Mayzoon Hiking, stated this is the very first women’s team to market hiking, mountaineering, camping and swimming in Oman and the GCC. “The team was founded in July last year and consists of 50 members. Around 250 women have shown interest in joining the team. We aim to highlight the abilities and skills of Omani girls and discover new tourist attractions. We hope to support domestic tourism and the national economy.”

Samiya stated that the team has currently organised a number of activities more than the final a single year. “We organised hiking trips to celebrate Omani Women’s Day and 47th National Day. As component of the trips, we visited locations such as Wadi Adai, Riyam village in Muscat, Su’al village in Fanja, Wakan village in Nakhal, Halhal village in Khabourah and Wadi al Sheikh in Dhofar. We also participated in hiking on the Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan.

“Forty-seven of us participated in a trip to Wakan village to celebrate the 47th National Day, 62 women walked 12km on the Fanja hiking trail while 25 women took part in the trip to Miabam village.”

Samiya stated that the team requirements help in the type of transportation, security tools and coaching courses. “We welcome anyone who wants to join us. We have set conditions that every member must support cleanliness and respect the Omani customs and traditions, ensuring safety of public and private property and comply with the safety instructions.”

She stated that the team prepares any trip in advance. “Before embarking on any trip, we do a detailed study about the route to be taken. We send some members in advance to know about the spot. We even do a verify on the neighborhood climate situations. If every thing is okay, then we lastly determine on how numerous can participate in the expedition.

Mayzoon Hiking prepares an annual program to organise trips and announces them at least two weeks in advance. “I hope much more ladies will come forward to join us. Walking aids you discover options to numerous well being issues and assist to get rid of tension.

“Explore the tourist attractions of Oman by joining us,” Samiya stated.

Those who would like to join the group can text their name to 91796617.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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