Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
Omani, Sudani business officials hold trade talks in Khartoum

Omani, Sudani company officials hold trade talks in Khartoum

Led by Ithraa, Oman’s inward investment and export improvement agency, a 15-member robust delegation of exporters are meeting with importers and distributors.

“The trade mission is about increasing the profile of Oman in Sudan and developing trade and business opportunities across a broad range of goods and services,” stated Saif al Mamari, export improvement director, Ithraa.

In 2017, Oman’s exports to Sudan rose by 14 per cent more than 2016, reaching more than US$9.4mn. Main exports integrated cement, tomato paste, plastic packaging, milk and cream, sweetmeat, biscuits and clorex.

“A key objective of Omani companies who take part in such trade missions is to develop contacts and leads for potential sales in international markets. We hope the Sudan B2B meetings will be successful, generating leads for businesses, which will hopefully lead to more contracts,” stated Mamari.

Commenting on their Khartoum go to, Tanveer Rahman of Haifa Industrial Services stated, “We’re participating in the Sudan B2B meetings in order to find potential importers interested in our product range. We are also looking to secure a strong distribution channel to market our products in Sudan.”

Hamdan Rashid Salim al Aissae, managing director, Lotus Oil Lubricants, stated, “We are delighted to be participating in the Sudan trade mission. Ithraa is providing us an international platform to aid market our company. By participating in the B2B sessions, we get direct access to useful producers, distributors and clients. Sudan is a huge industry, and we hope to make some excellent connections.

“It could become our gateway to the rest of Africa.”

Expanding economies in Africa supply fertile ground for Omani organizations seeking to expand their worldwide footprint. The continent as a entire is the second quickest expanding economy in the planet and is house to some of the world’s quickest expanding economies. The Ithraa-led trade mission is about assisting Omani organizations capitalise on the possibilities that exist.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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