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Omani, British women adventurers share experiences of resilience

Omani, British females adventurers share experiences of resilience

The lecture titled ‘Two Women, Two Poles and Two Cultures’ was held at the Ministry of Defence Pension Fund, below the auspices of H E Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Obaid al Sa’eedi, Minister of Health. Anisa is the initial Omani to attain the Geographic North Pole and Natalie is a British army physician, who was in the team that went to the South Pole.

Both the adventurers shared their ideas on what they learnt in order to succeed. “In order to succeed, you must dare to fail and it takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan because focus is much needed on the goal than the obstacle,” Anisa stated. Natalie spoke about motivation and discipline. “Knowledge is power but a good communication is king. We should always ask and never assume. Motivation comes along with discipline even if you are going through hell.”

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Anisa stated it was such an honour to have so several influential folks in Oman appreciating her for her accomplishment, perseverance and determination. She also stated she faced her fears following studying she had no way but to move forward. “The expedition has made me wiser and more appreciative and I look forward to making the people of Oman proud,” she stated.

Anisa also advised the young generation that if they do not take danger, they will in no way know since occasionally it is worth taking that danger to discover the prospective in you. She was element of an 11-member all females Euro-Arabian polar expedition led by English explorer and Antarctic scientist, Felicity Aston MBE. The team reached the North Pole in just eight days following travelling 80km on shifting ice of the Arctic Ocean.

“We faced freezing temperatures of -38°C. We also faced strong wind with tears of pain and stress but we are glad we made it in eight days,” Anisa stated. Natalie also spoke of her 1,700km journey which was completed in 62 days. “We travelled up to 25km a day in extreme wind and cold. Good teamwork and good communication are strong weapons of success.”

H E Dr Sa’eedi also praised the females for their presentation. “I am honoured to be part of this event. We are proud of you and I am sure everyone of us has learnt something wise from your experiences.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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