Monday, 6 Feb 2023
Oman Tourism College Noble’s Club team compete to promote cultural tourism

Oman Tourism College Noble’s Club team compete to market cultural tourism

Noble club aims to engage vacationers beneath the leadership of Samira Al Balushi, acquiring guests involved with standard and cultural customs in a new and thrilling strategy to boosting cultural engagement, raise awareness about nearby tourism via direct communications with vacationers beneath the theme of ‘Our Culture is Different’.


Samira Al Balushi, Noble’s club team president, commented, “Our project theme is ‘Our Culture is Different’, and by leveraging the proud heritage of Oman we are actively investing in the tourism industry at the grassroots level. Although we are partaking in a competition, this project has proven to be a valuable in terms of applying our learning as students of Oman Tourism College, engaging tourists as the primary stakeholders of the industry we are training to join. In our cultural exchange we have been to Salalah ,Nizwa Nakhal, Muttrah and different Wilayats across the Sultanate, visiting local people to promote their handicrafts and learn about different cultures in Oman so we can exchange cultural views, traditions , food and  traditional dress .”


Under the ‘Taawon’ network of volunteers eleven other teams from other universities and groups from across the nation are competing. The notion of the competitors relies on reaching as numerous beneficiaries as feasible via programmes, and coaching activities. The winning team criteria is primarily based on the most inventive concept and advertising attain, also primarily based on the visits and society contribution to raise awareness about Omani tourism.

According to the World Tourism Organization, ‘cultural tourism’ accounts for36% of the world’s tourism activity. It is linked to the culture of each and every respective nation and its history, as defined by native items,architecture, customs and traditions.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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