Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023
Oman to have 13 protected marine areas

Oman to have 13 protected marine places

The two-day conference that ended on Tuesday discussed a number of concerns connected to oceans, marine sources, fisheries, biological diversity, marine pollution, maritime safety and the blue economy.

The conference sought to encourage states to take particular actions to preserve the wellness of oceans and involve the neighborhood neighborhood, the private sector and non-governmental bodies to conserve the marine atmosphere.

H E Oufi mentioned, “Oman is making efforts in the conservation and optimal exploitation of the sea in general and fisheries and the marine environment in particular through policies and programmes such as coral reef conservation and the development of artificial reefs.”

As component of this initiative, Oman is looking for to sustain marine habitats, regulate the fisheries sector and declare 13 protected marine places to conserve biodiversity. “We are also implementing the coastal zone and marine environment management plan, and focusing on mangrove plantation.”

A United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP’s) programme – Convention on Biological Diversity – mandates that the participating nations want to boost the status of biodiversity by safeguarding ecosystems, species and genetic diversity as effectively as attain particular targets of protected places.

The convention has adopted a Strategic Plan for Biodiversity, which consists of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, for the 2011-20 period. Under Aichi’s Target 11, all nations ought to designate at least 17 per cent of terrestrial and inland water, and ten per cent of coastal and marine places as protected ones by 2020.

According to the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA), a joint analysis centre beneath the European Commission, Oman misses the target of protected land and marine places by a wide margin.

According to DOPA, Oman has a total land region of 310,433.8sq km, out of which protected land region is 7,980.7sq km, supplying terrestrial coverage of two.57 per cent. The nation has a total marine region of 559,125.2sq km, out of which 669.3sq km comes beneath the status of protected marine region, resulting in a marine coverage of .12 per cent.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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