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Oman ranked 28th in Global Climate Risk Index 2018

Oman ranked 28th in Global Climate Risk Index 2018

For the period from 1997 to 2016, Honduras, Haiti and Myanmar have been ranked highest. In the extended-term ranking (1997-2016) for GCC, Oman is placed amongst the higher-threat nations, although other individuals are comfortably ranked more than hundred with Qatar at 182, Kuwait 178, UAE 169, Bahrain 140 and Saudi Arabia at 117.

In Oman, with climate alter it is anticipated that the prevention of groundwater degradation and balancing provide and demand will turn out to be a higher challenge. According to the study, ‘Projection of Future Changes in Rainfall and Temperature Patterns in Oman’ by Charabi Yassine from SQU, northern Oman is anticipated to face decreasing rainfall in the coming decades.

“In a region where historic average annual rainfall levels are between 50mm and 100mm for the northern coast area, climate change is expected to lead to between 20mm and 40mm less rainfall by 2040. This is equivalent to a reduction in average annual rainfall of about 40 per cent. With less future rainfall in northern areas, groundwater recharge and surface water flow are expected to also decrease,” Yassine stated in the study.

This year’s 13th edition of the evaluation reconfirms earlier final results of the Climate Risk Index: Less created nations are usually a lot more impacted than industrialised nations. “Recent storms with intensity levels never seen before have had disastrous impacts on island states,” stated David Eckstein of Germanwatch, 1 of the authors of the index.

“In 2016, Haiti was hit by the strongest hurricane in over 50 years and Fiji was struck by the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded on the island. This is why Haiti ranks first and Fiji ranks third in the index of the most-impacted countries in 2016.”

In numerous of the nations most impacted by organic disasters in the previous year, intense rainfall followed periods of extreme drought. In Zimbabwe (No two in 2016) for instance, rain triggered dramatic flooding that killed 250 folks and left thousands of folks homeless. In the previous 20 years from 1997 to 2016, Honduras, Haiti and Myanmar have been impacted the strongest, according to the extended-term index.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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