Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023
Oman Olympic Committee organises Sports Management Course

Oman Olympic Committee organises Sports Management Course

In his opening speech, Zadjali tackled the basic principles of great management and continuing evaluation employees’ efficiency in accordance with the particular criteria primarily based on flexibility and transparency.

Hisham al Adwani, national director of the course, delivered an opening speech in which he thanked OOC for organising such courses and for supplying the cadres of OOC and sports associations with the chance to additional create their management expertise and boost their expertise in this field. Then, he embarked upon his initial lecture providing historical background of Olympism referring to Pierre De Coubertin as becoming the founder of the International Olympic Committee as nicely as the father of the modern Olympic Games.

Adwani then spoke about the basic principles of the Olympic Movement aiming at creating mankind and supplying sports organisations with the proper to be independent beneath the Olympic Charter. The lecture also discussed Olympic values and problems featured by governance and sport, arbitration, settlement of disputes, and so on.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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