Sunday, 29 Jan 2023
Oman Electricity Transmission Company celebrates 13 years since establishment

Oman Electricity Transmission Company celebrates 13 years given that establishment

OETC began function on May 1, 2005 according to the permit it was granted by the Public Authority for Electricity Regulation in Oman and which is accountable for transporting, funding, creating, operating and owning a central program for distributing the electrical energy from the various electrical sources that are linked to the network, or from the unlinked sources with the network. This is in addition to designing, owning, operating and preserving the international electrical connection systems to the extent that is permitted by the sector’s law and the organization permit.

The company’s CEO, Eng Ali bin Said al Haddabi, stated, “May 1 of every year is the electricity sector’s day, and it is the day on which the company started its work after the reconstruction of the sector in 2005. From that day until today, the wheel of development has been turning in all the fields, either industrial, commercial or constructional, which in its case reflects the rising demands for electrical power. The main network, which covers most of the governorates in Oman, has proven its durability in the stability of electricity distribution. The network has been able to transport electricity to all the distributing companies and the subscribers to the network with a high level of trust that has provided a 99.99 per cent transport system last year. This percentage of precision results in delivering electricity to the customers in high standards and required quantities.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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