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Oman Blood Donors team to hold campaign in three cities to mark 48th Renaissance Day

Oman Blood Donors team to hold campaign in 3 cities to mark 48th Renaissance Day

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Ahmed al Kharusi, a honorary team member who has donated blood 142 occasions, mentioned, “The campaign will begin in Nizwa on Thursday, the second at the Salalah Tourism Festival on Friday and conclude at the Grand Mall in Barka on July 23 coinciding with the 48th Renaissance Day.”

OBD has presently 40 active Omani and about 65 expat members. Members comprise students and specialists. Faiza al Moosawi, the head of the team mentioned, “After a message was circulated in a WhatsApp group in 2015 about the urgent need for blood for a little boy, it received an overwhelming response. This led a group of interested people meeting for the first time that year to discuss the formation of a voluntary group. The team was set up on September 17, 2015 and since then has worked under the Oman Road Safety Association.”

Ahmed al Kharusi (correct) with a donor (Supplied photographs)

Speaking about the OBD vision, she mentioned, “People in Oman need to be aware of the importance of blood and platelet donation. We need to create more awareness about the issue. There should be an effort to increase the number of blood and platelet donors in the country.”

Faiza mentioned that the team has held a lot more than 70 blood donation campaigns because its formation. “We have conducted blood donation drives in Muscat, Dakhliyah, Sharqiyah, Batinah, Dhahirah, Salalah and Musandam. Our plan for the second half of this year includes four campaigns in Muscat, and those in Nizwa, Barka, Buraimi, Sur and Sohar. We hope to hold similar campaigns in other places too.”

Talking about the challenges, she mentioned, “There is always a challenge to reach a wider audience to create awareness on blood donation drives. Our aim is to make people aware that they should visit the nearest blood bank for donation rather than wait for any campaign. We have succeeded in reducing the number of messages being circulated on social media channels requesting for blood. We aim to stop them completely.”

At the operating level, the team requirements specialists like graphic designers and videographers for publicity purposes. “They are required to design infographics and make videos on creating awareness on blood and platelet donation. We hope that more people join us in future,” Faiza mentioned. “Donating blood every three months is good for health. People should make it a habit to visit any blood bank after completing the three-month period. Learn about donating platelets and donate platelets when you are ready.”

“Our advisor Yahya Rahi, head of Oman Volunteers Network, has suggested us to achieve a certain target every year. This year our aim was to arrange blood for 1,000 people. We are happy to say that we have achieved it in four months by reaching more than 1,100 people. We hope to arrange blood for at least 3,000 by the end of this year.”

The team can be reached on Instagram at Oman Blood Donors as effectively as on e-mail at [email protected].

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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