Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Occidental Oman supports nature reserves book

Occidental Oman supports nature reserves book

The signing ceremony was held at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) beneath the patronage of H E Najeeb Ali al Rawas, Undersecretary of MECA. Stephen Kelly, president and basic manager of Occidental Oman, and the Undersecretary have been the signatories for their respective organisations.

Occidental Oman will sponsor printing five,000 copies of the book. The book, which will be printed in each Arabic and English with around 86 pages for each and every language, will offer an insight on nature reserves in Oman. The book aims to raise awareness of Oman’s organic sights amongst students, the public and vacationers. The book will include information and specifics on Oman’s 18 nature reserves, along with photographs of the reserves.

The nature reserves in Oman kind an integrated national program of protected locations that make certain the preservation of wildlife in their organic habitat, contribute to eco-tourism and offer employment possibilities for residents of the surrounding locations.

Kelly stated, “Since inception, we have been committed to the preservation and sustainability of habitats and biodiversity through efficient use of energy, land, water and other natural resources of the countries we operate in. We believe in supporting local communities’ access to knowledge about the country’s natural habitats, as it encourages environmental awareness and sustainable practices.”

This programme falls beneath Occidental Oman’s umbrella of strategic partnerships and continuous collaboration with important stakeholders, and is component of Occidental Oman endeavour and extended-term commitment to the preservation and sustainability of habitats and biodiversity.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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