Tuesday, 30 May 2023
OCCI meet discusses challenges to mining sector in Musandam

OCCI meet discusses challenges to mining sector in Musandam

Raed bin Mohammed al Shehhi, chairman of OCCI’s branch in Musandam, and Eng Hilal bin Mohammed al Busaidi, chief executive officer, Public Authority for Mining, took component in the discussion.

It was held in the presence of Abdul Salam bin Mohammed al Kamali, Shura Council representative of the wilayat of Khasab, Bader bin Sulaiman al Shuhi, board member of the OCCI branch in Musandam and chairman of the Construction and Building Materials Committee of the branch, and a group of businessmen from the governorate engaged in the mining sector.

The meeting discussed the challenges faced by the crushers who provide to the nearby marketplace, discovering options for them and coordination in between numerous entities in the chamber to overcome these difficulties.

The meeting also discussed the violations committed by contracting organizations not belonging to the governorate who are not affiliated to the OCCI branch in Musandam, but have obtained mining licences for the implementation of government projects only. These organizations violate the permits granted to them.

Also discussed was expanding the mandate of the OCCI branch in Musandam to grant licences to such organizations and techniques to mete out punishment to offenders.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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