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OAB organises graduation ceremony for LEAD (1) Development Programme

OAB organises graduation ceremony for LEAD (1) Development Programme

As element of the ceremony, every of the 20 talented Omani employees members had been presented with a certificate and a token of appreciation from the bank. The graduation ceremony was held at Bait al Zubair, beneath the auspices of H E Tahir bin Salim bin Abdullah al Amri, executive president of the Central Bank of Oman. The occasion was attended by Khalid al Zubair, chairman of Ominvest (Oman International Development and Investment Company), and overseen by Amin al Husseini, chief executive officer of OAB.

Husseini mentioned, “LEAD is a unique and specialised leadership training programme that has been developed in line with the management’s strategy to ensure the continuous development of OAB talent. As such, the programme begins each year with the identification process for high potentials (HiPos) in various departments and disciplines across the bank, conducted by the bank’s HR division. These selections are not dependent on their grade or department; they are based purely on their qualifications, potential to grow and handle future key positions, together with the necessary attributes to progress to more senior levels. Following such a carefully moderated system helps us in building a pool of talented employees, while at the same time also contribute towards supporting and building up the sultanate’s national workforce.”

The occasion commenced with a speech by Adil al Rahbi, head of the HR division, who mentioned, “The six-month programme, which has been developed with guidance from the globally renowned leadership and management performance consultancy firm Inspirational Development Group (IDG), utilises best practices in order to empower participants with opportunity, managerial expertise and high-level workplace solutions. LEAD (1) has been an incredible success for the bank with each of its 20 candidates acing the course. In fact, a majority of them have already taken up positions of greater responsibility within the bank.”

Shortly following Rahbi’s speech, a quick video was played that supplied the attendees with a rapid insight into the LEAD programme and the participants’ journey more than the course of the year. This video was then followed by a speech by Gerry Woods, Middle East regional director at IDG, the organization who helped create the programme and performed the instruction.

Woods mentioned, “It has been my privilege to perform closely with the bank to provide leadership excellence, and I commend CEO Husseini for his foresight in instigating such a difficult developmental programme. Leadership is a privilege, and I think that if this philosophy is embraced, leaders at all levels can set the circumstances for the good results of their colleagues.

“The LEAD journey begins by being able to manage oneself and the impact individual behaviours can have on others. This can be a real eye-opener for many people as behaviours and their effects are made explicit even for very experienced delegates, even after just the first module, we can see changes occurring.”

Sara al Kalbani, a LEAD (1) graduate, mentioned, “This programme has been an incredible learning experience for each one of us, having been taught a number of new skills that have already had a significant positive impact in our day-to-day jobs. On behalf of every candidate, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to members of the Board and the executive management at OAB.” Each graduate was handed a certificate and a token of appreciation from H E Amri.

Husseini mentioned, “On behalf of board and executive management at OAB, I would like to congratulate our 20 graduates of LEAD (1). I hope their success in the LEAD course and subsequent promotions will inspire other staff within the bank.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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