Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
NHI audits improve food safety standards

NHI audits enhance meals security requirements

Initially, brought in by Oxy to help the on-web site team AA Group of Catering Companies in identifying any meals security problems across the areas and to supply assistance and instruction, stated a press release. The NHI Food Safety Academy has been instrumental in enhancing requirements and has created a close functioning partnership with each the client and the catering contractor to boost the auditing scores from 42 per cent in 2013 to a position exactly where all 3 websites are regularly attaining quarterly audit scores of 90 per cent and above.

Faisal Parambadan, hygiene officer and meals security trainer, AA Group of Catering Companies mentioned, “I am pleased to give you the feedback from NHI quarterly meals security audit programme which is performed at our Oxy areas in Ibri.

“These are a refreshingly various encounter in auditing as I have attended several other audits by consultants who are not as thorough or as knowledgeable of the topic matter. The various segments of the audit (much more than 90 points in the checklist for management, hygiene practices/procedures and monitoring) cover the complete scope of our meals operations and enables the method to discover the correct gaps/weaknesses in our policies and procedures.

“In addition to this the preparation of the audit report is excellent, it is 100 per cent clear about the standards that are expected and any noted deviations are explained and supported with recommendations and examples to help prepare a proper corrective action plan. Thanks for helping us to improve our food safety standards through your effective auditing.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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