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New traffic laws come into force from today

New site visitors laws come into force from right now

The ‘black point system’ guarantees motorists getting much more than 12 points in a calendar year will have their licences suspended for six months. “After obtaining the licence back (following six months), if the motorist gets much more than 12 points in the following year, the licence will be confiscated for a year.

“If the motorist gets more than 12 black points in the third year, the licence will be cancelled. The motorist will have to pay RO100 and reappear for the driving test. Accumulated black points will be reset to zero at the beginning of every year,” an ROP official stated.

As component of the new site visitors guidelines, new drivers will be issued short-term licences valid for 12 months below a probation scheme. Those motorists who get much more than ten ‘black points’ on their short-term licences will have to take extra lessons to fine-tune their driving. However, the short-term licences will be extended by a single year if the driver gets much more than seven black points in a year.

The ROP has stated that Omani drivers who get six or much less black points in the course of the probation period will qualify for a ten-year licence whilst expats will get a two-year licence in a equivalent case. Those who have licences valid for ten years will only have to renew them following their expiry.

Under the new laws, seat belts have turn out to be mandatory for all passengers such as these in the back seat. Child seats are also mandatory for these below 4 years.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Ali al Barwani, CEO, Oman Road Safety Association (ORSA) stated that the news fines will contribute to road security in a huge way. “March 1, 2018 is a big day. We at ORSA see it as a fresh start in traffic laws and road safety. At ORSA, we believe that the aim of the traffic laws is safety first.”

Barwani stated that the new laws will aid in dealing with about 415 violations. “For us, the aim is to reduce road accidents by imposing fines for using mobile phones or speeding.”

He stated that the other fine which is getting implemented for the initial time is for not utilizing youngster automobile seat for these below 4 years.

“ORSA had been asking this for a while. This will definitely reduce the severity of any accident. A fine for not using seat belt is also a step in the right direction.”

There have been considerable adjustments to penalties with 52 offences seeing an improve in the fines.

“Some fines increased include parking in slots meant for the disabled (from RO10 to RO50), trucks overtaking incorrectly (increased to RO50), drivers covering their faces [including women] increased to RO50,” the ROP official stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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