Tuesday, 30 May 2023
New phase of Zimam National Leadership programme benefits children

New phase of Zimam National Leadership programme rewards kids

A total of 560 male and female students of underprivileged background and 48 teacher chosen from 18 college in the Dhofar and North and South Batinah regions attended two-day courses funded by the Omani Authority for Partnership for Development (OAPFD), organised and delivered by Oman Sail’s Corporate and Personal Development (CPD) Team in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

Forty-eight teachers chosen from the targeted schools received a coaching day just before the begin of the programme to enhancing the coaching and evaluation expertise of the trainers in order to make certain the sustainability of the programme and the application of these expertise throughout the teaching phase.

Led by facilitators skilled in outside education and experiential understanding methods, the programme aimed to create college children’s interpersonal expertise with a concentrate on recognised competencies of self-leadership, teamwork, communication, creativity, issue-solving and self-assurance improvement.

The newest phase of the Zimam National Leadership Programme (Schools) follows a productive pilot project carried out early final year which generated incredibly good feedback from the schools and colleges involved.

Dr Dhafir Awadh Bader al Shanfari, CEO of the OAPFD, mentioned, “By intervening at a key stage in the personal development of young people, there is an enormous potential for self-improvement. Ultimately, along with the transformation of young lives, initiatives like the Zimam National Leadership Programme will bring long-term benefits to Oman’s economy and enhance the sultanate’s ability to compete in the global marketplace.”

David Graham, CEO of companion organisation Oman Sail, mentioned, “Our extended expertise and knowledge in coaching sailors has demonstrated that outside education and understanding via carrying out opens up new thoughts-sets and inspires young folks in methods that classroom teaching alone can’t.

“The Zimam National Leadership Programme complements the schools’ academic curriculum and is a positive contribution towards helping the next generation of Omanis reach their potential and achieve their dreams.”

During the ceremony, a Cooperation Agreement was signed among OAPFD and the Ministry of Education to facilitate the enrolment of children into the programme. Dr Sana al Balushi, director basic of The National Career Guidance Centre at Ministry of Education, mentioned, “Our tie-in with OAPFD and Oman Sail will expose the students to a wide array of extracurricular opportunities that will enrich their educational journeys. The programme has proven to be an excellent and inspiring platform for students to engage in activities beyond the classroom, and we look forward to seeing our boys and girls realise their full potential.”

All of the courses had been delivered to the 3 regions on March four at Oman Sail’s Leadership Development Training Centre at the Millennium Resort Mussanah and Crown Plaza Salalah.

The Zimam National Leadership Programme is a single of the Youth Skills Development Programmes (YSDP) sponsored by OAPFD which aims to attain a wider target group from college and college students, job seekers and government workers and bring international information and knowledge in creating the national Human Resources Capacity.

This is carried out by offering students with a platform to create their day-to-day overall performance, function ethics, soft and tough expertise and boosting participant enthusiasm.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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