Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
New climbing route in Quriyat’s Jebel Kawr

New climbing route in Quriyat’s Jebel Kawr

Speaking about the route named Vacance Romane (Roman Holiday), team leader Matteo Della Bordella stated, “We came to Oman almost by chance. I had heard from some friends that it was a great climbing destination with lots of walls and saw potential for opening new routes.”

The team arrived in late October and instantly went to the mountains to search for a feasible line to open. “We started working on our route three days later. We chose Jebel Kawr because we liked the wall and the quality of the rock. It looked steep and compact.”

Another essential element influencing the team’s choice was that it was in the shade all day lengthy and therefore the temperature was ideal for climbing. “In the sun, it was still way too hot even in November.”

The team of 4 integrated Simone Pedeferri, a member of Ragni di Lecco, an alpine group, founded in 1946. “Simone is a very experienced and strong climber. He has opened new routes in Patagonia in South America, Greenland, Morocco, Pakistan and many other places.”

The other members are Stefano Caligiore, who had currently been in Oman for climbing and is the ‘one who told us about the amazing potential of the area’. “My friend Arianna Colliard is also a really strong climber.”

Bordella stated that Oman is an remarkable location and recommends it to all buddies and climbers.

“Here you can find everything, from adventurous routes on big walls, to fantastic sport climbing, to the super fun deep water soloing. The weather is perfect for climbing and people are super friendly. I was happy to spend three weeks travelling and climbing around Oman and would like to come back one day.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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