Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Mwasalat announces new taxi fares from February 1

Mwasalat announces new taxi fares from February 1

Muscat – 

Mwasalat has announced the new taxi fares that come into impact from February 1, for on-contact and industrial centre solutions in Muscat governorate. While Mwasalat at present accepts only money payment, it will be accepting credit and debit cards in the coming period, the organization stated.

The new fares on all days of the week will be as follows: The opening of the meter throughout the day will begin from RO1 per kilometre from industrial centres and on-contact solutions (plus a booking charge of 500bz for on-contact taxis). The evening fares begin from RO1.three for each, with 200bz per kilometre for to 30km. After 30km, 150bz will be calculated for industrial centres and on-contact taxis.

Further, extra charges of RO1.five apply in case of a mini-van with much more than 5 passengers and 50bz per minute will be charged for the waiting period.

At present, the day fares (6am to 10pm: Saturday-Thursday) from industrial centres begin from RO1 and for on-demand solutions from RO1.two, followed by 300bz per kilometre for each. Night fares (10pm to 6am: Saturday-Thursday) begin at industrial centres from RO1.three and for on-contact solutions from RO1.five with an boost of 350bz per kilometre for each.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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