Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
Muscat Private Hospital provides obesity surgical procedures

Muscat Private Hospital offers obesity surgical procedures

Oman’s reputed tertiary care hospital, which has helped in shaping the healthcare landscape in Oman ever because its inception, has roped in Europe-educated Dr Ali Fardoun who has earned worldwide recognition by pioneering obesity surgeries.

Armed with four,000 surgeries spanning a extended profession of 15 years, Dr Fardoun’s go to to Muscat Private Hospital will be a boon to obesity individuals.

Dr Fardoun who is geared up to conduct side-effects-totally free surgeries stated, “At Muscat Private Hospital, the right surgical procedure done by our team of doctors has the potential to dramatically change life of the person with diabetes for the better.”

Dr Fardoun tends to make use of current advances in revolutionary technologies, like I-drive stapling, to treat the expanding numbers of obese individuals. Dr Fardoun added, “Bariatric surgeries help in providing immediate solution to the problem of obesity and also offer considerable relief from other associated diseases like diabetes, high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol.”

Muscat Private Hospital is aiming at pioneering the sleeve gastrectomy process by utilising most recent technologies and the experience of Dr Fardoun.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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