Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
Muscat Municipality prohibits driving on beaches, parks

Muscat Municipality prohibits driving on beaches, parks

The civic physique is operating in cooperation with the Municipal Council, ROP and walis to tackle this. Article two of the Local Order No 23/92 on the protection of public utilities of Muscat Municipality, prohibits any act that would harm the facilities of the municipality. Article three of the neighborhood order stipulates that driving vehicles and bikes in parks or on beaches is a violation which can attract a fine of not much more than RO100 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two months.

Article three of the Local Order No 32/97 issued by Muscat Municipality also calls for the protection of public utilities of the municipality of Muscat and states: Without prejudice to the provisions of Article VI it is prohibited for any individual – except the individuals authorised to – to do any of the following acts such as driving vehicles or riding motorbikes on public gardens, parks or on beaches.

Speaking to Muscat Daily Eng Badr bin Ali al Bahri, director common of Muscat Municipality in Seeb stated, “The municipality has placed concrete barriers on some parts of the Seeb beach to prevent vehicles from entering there. This poses a risk to those walking on the beach especially to children.”

The Seeb directorate has place alert notices along the beach warning automobile owners against the practice. Malik bin Hilal al Yahmadi, a member of the Municipal Council, stated, “Riding bicycles and vehicles on public beaches is an uncivilised act that can harm marine life and visitors to the beach.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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