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Muscat Municipality maintains its glorious record of achievement

Muscat Municipality maintains its glorious record of achievement

New roads

The Muscat Municipality final year opened the three.3km extended dual road project in Al Khoudh. The road extends from the Sultan Qaboos University roundabout to Intersection No 12 on the Muscat Expressway and has 3 lanes in every path.

In addition, the civic physique also constructed ten drainage/culverts in 4 locations to safeguard the road from water harm. The municipality has also set up lighting poles along the road in accordance with the authorized specifications, and established 6km extended pedestrian crossings.

It has also constructed service roads, entry and exit methods at numerous fuel stations in Al Ansab, Ghala, Rusayl and Halban along the Muscat Expressway. The project integrated the building of much more than 19km extended road.


In 2017, the Muscat Municipality implemented a quantity of interior lighting projects in the wilayats of Seeb, Amerat and Quriyat, with a total length of 52km. It has completed perform on 10km. Muscat Municipality has also began replacing the present conventional lighting. The lights have been replaced in Shatti al Qurum with 1,800m LED lighting method.

Construction permits

The civic physique issued 1,921 creating permits throughout the initial half of 2018, with 83.four per cent of them for residential use.

The wilayat of Seeb saw the highest quantity of permits at 875 (45.five per cent), followed by Amerat at 558 (29.1 per cent). A total of 738 residential permits had been issued in Seeb, and 494 in Amerat. As for the permits issued for the new industrial-residential use, Seeb saw issuance of 87 permits, followed by Amerat (41). The municipality also offers creating permits service electronically by means of its site and application.

Gardens and parks

Muscat Municipality is identified for its care for green spaces and parks. In addition, the municipalities has also been functioning on projects to create, enhance, and construct parks about Muscat. A total of 350 parks spread across the various wilayats are becoming constructed, 125 of which have been completed.

Labour housing

Muscat Municipality is at present constructing homes for workers in Seeb and Quriyat. The project consists of the establishment of integrated labour accommodations containing rooms equipped with kitchens, toilets, simple facilities and solutions.

Central Market for Vegetables and Fruits

Since its establishment two decades ago, the Central Market for Vegetables and Fruits has been a main milestone in the wholesale and retail trade of vegetables and fruits in Muscat. More than 300 organizations are operating in the marketplace promoting numerous sorts of fruits and vegetables imported from numerous nations. The total marketplace location is 185,244sq m.

Muscat Festival and Tour of Oman

The municipality carried out the 18th edition of the nicely-identified Muscat Festival from January 18 to February 10.
It also carried out the events of the Tour of Oman that is held as component of the Muscat Festival from February 13-18. The municipality with such events has managed to attract the interest of the planet and showcased the beauty of Oman.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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