Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Muscat Municipality grapples with vandalism of public property

Muscat Municipality grapples with vandalism of public home

Established for the advantage of the entire neighborhood, some of the public properties typically tampered with contain, gaming gear, street lights and irrigation systems. The civic physique is also grappling with random waste disposal, barbecuing on green or walkways and graffitiing on public walls.

Asmahan Ashu Shukailiyah, a social researcher in the Awareness Department of the Muscat Municipality, stated tampering with public utilities and properties violates neighborhood ordinances prescribed by the Municipality Law issued by the Royal Decree 32/97. It also puts an extra burden on the municipality to repair the broken public utilities.

Article three of the law prohibits selecting flowers, climbing trees or cutting their branches, walking on green locations, barbecuing on walkways or green locations, damaging plants, tampering with irrigation systems, and driving motorbikes and automobiles in public parks or on beaches.

As per Article four individuals going to public gardens, parks or playgrounds are prohibited from engaging in any action that causes inconvenience to other people, like turning up the volume of musical gear, or performing any indecent act.

Article five states that it is prohibited to leave youngsters below the age of 12 without having supervision in gardens, public parks or playgrounds. Article six prohibits walking animals in public parks.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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