Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
Muscat Municipality cracks whip on street vendors

Muscat Municipality cracks whip on street vendors

It also impacts the regulated domestic economy as it leads to unfair competitors with legal traders licensed by the municipality. In addition to the congestion it causes with stalls and carts becoming placed haphazardly, there is also the danger of promoting rotten foodstuff which can harm public wellness. Most meals poisoning circumstances take place due to poor meals storage in areas that do not meet the authorized wellness specifications.

Muscat Municipality has issued a choice to amend particular provisions of the wellness specifications for public wellness-associated activities, which contain choice No 185/2017 adding an item to the wellness specifications regulations for the practice of a mobile café. It consists of 4 principal articles, clarifying the specifications of the website, the car on which the mobile café is positioned, the specifications of the licensee to engage in the activity, and authorised foods.

The municipality has also coordinated with different government bodies such as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Riyada to discover options for the phenomenon of mobile vendors. The municipality has distributed circulars and publications to street vendors to organise their web sites, acquire the required licences and implement wellness specifications and carry out trade activities with out any hurdles.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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