Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Muscat Municipality clamps down on single males living in residential areas

Muscat Municipality clamps down on single males living in residential locations

The municipality in Seeb confirmed that it is set to implement a judicial ruling against owners of homes in residential neighbourhoods that residence single male residents, unless prior permission is taken. The municipality additional referred to as on violators to make sure that single male residents leave the homes inside a period not exceeding 3 days. In an inspection drive in Seeb, the municipality identified numerous violators of Article 31 of Local Order No 23/92, which prohibits housing of workers in residential locations.

The municipality on Tuesday pasted notices outdoors violating buildings in Seeb, providing owners 3 days to act. Earlier in January, Muscat Municipality along with a team from the Public Prosecution and ROP raided a residence of single expatriates in a residential neighbourhood in Mawaleh for violating Local Order No 23/92.

The Muscat Municipal Council has time and once more referred to as for segregated living quarters for single guys away from residential locations. The council even has passed allotment of lands in Bausher, Amerat, and Ma’abela for a housing complicated devoted for singles. Salim Mohammed Hamed al Ghammari, a member of the Muscat Municipal Council, told Muscat Daily that the municipality was implementing the court order in Seeb.

“The case is more than three years old where there was a complaint against some building owners who refused to evict single men residing in buildings in residential areas. Now Muscat Municipality is implementing the decision.” He added, “We have mooted the idea of creating special complexes for expatriates workers in Amerat, Seeb, Quriyat and other areas. Another suggestion is to allocate specific streets in different areas for them.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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