Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
Muscat International Film Festival opens; artistes from across the world take part

Muscat International Film Festival opens artistes from across the globe take element

Presented by the Ministry of Tourism in association with the Oman Airports, the opening of the festival saw performances by renowned artistes like Dutch whistling champ Geert Chatrou, Danish-Palestinian percussionist Simona Abdallah, Indian saxophonist Lavanya, Russian Jaw harpist Olena Uutai, and Omani singing sensation Haitham Mohammed Rafi.

More than 100 films from across the globe will be showcased in the course of the week-extended occasion. Workshops and unique shows on films focusing on females, kids and football as well will be held as element of the festival. Mohammad al Kindi, president of MIFF mentioned, “This is the tenth year of the festival and we are happy to say that the film industry in Oman has grown by leaps and bounds. “There are films that are being shot widely in the country by production houses from Europe, the US and India. The festival will also bring out the best of talents in Oman.”

Kindi added that MIFF, which was founded in 2001, has come a extended way. “Today, as the tenth MIFF rolls out in style, it is a proud occasion to say that we will feature some 115 films. Besides, a couple of premieres, several Omani short films and documentaries too will be screened. A variety of genres and cultures will be represented in this year’s festival.”

VOX City Centre Qurum, VOX City Centre Muscat and VOX Shatti will screen 14 function films and seven documentaries as element of the festival.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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