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Muscat Festival : The sweet side

Muscat Festival : The sweet side

A symbol of conventional Omani hospitality, the dessert’s important components stay the identical. However, most households in the sultanate have a secretly guarded recipe that tends to make it various from the other.

Traditional halwa-maker, Asim Abdullah Amer al Riyami who has spent 29 years in the company claims to have 1 such recipe. His dream is to spread the sweetness far and wide.

“The main ingredients we use include, sugar, starch and saffron. We also use rose water from Jebel Akhdar, which gives it its unique flavour. I sit in front of the fire for three consecutive hours to make 3kg of Omani halwa,” mentioned Riyami.

But the tough perform is not some thing Riyami is shy of. The reputation of his solution and the contentment on customer’s faces is sufficient to overlook the hardships. “I have been taking part in the Muscat Festival for the past ten years.”

Riyami’s family members owns a factory in Samail. “Our factory in Samail is called Al Fayhaa. We also have a mobile factory, Al Asala that specialises in Omani halwa. We travel all over the sultanate and even to other Gulf countries. The mobile factory was established seeing the demand for Omani halwa.”

Riyami hopes to open branches of its factories elsewhere. “I hope to export my products across the world and open branches in the Gulf countries.”

Running a company is not simple, mentioned Riyami but it is essential not to be dogged down by failure. “Besides, patience and endurance I have also learnt new languages such as English, which helps me in my business.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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