Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Muscat Festival authorities ask visitors to wear modest clothes

Muscat Festival authorities ask guests to put on modest garments

Both guys and females must dress conservatively, particularly in public locations and refrain from wearing ripped jeans, T-shirts with inappropriate slogans or prints, stated an ROP official.

To make sure safety at each venues, police booths have been set up to appear into any misconduct. “Clothes with images, phrases or words that may hurt religious sentiments or damage Oman’s cultural sentiments are not allowed. One should also not carry any item that may compromise on the security of the festival,” stated an ROP official at the festival.

“We urge all visitors to the Muscat Festival to not bring any banned materials to the venues. Also, parents should monitor their children as to what they wear or bring to the festival. We need to keep our culture clean by not wearing improper dresses like shorts, neck pieces or arm bands,” he stated.

Many parents at each venues had been in complete praise of the safety measures and agreed on the require to monitor guests. “We commend the services of ROP at the festival and I call upon all parents to ensure children dress decently while at the venue. We need to respect our culture and religion and Omanis should be an example to tourists from other countries,” stated Mohammed al Balushi, a father of 4.

However, some festival guests had been not so satisfied with the dress code concern. “I think people should be given the freedom to wear what they want. For example, wearing shorts or arm bands or any other type of clothes that do not affect anyone should be allowed. This is a festival to enjoy and we need to be free and comfortable. It is so sad to see people being stopped from entering because they were wearing shorts or three quarter pants,” stated a festival visitor who wished to stay anonymous.

An official from the Muscat Municipality added, “We all know that everyone wants to feel comfortable with what we wear, but should keep in mind that we are in public places. So, visitors should refrain from wearing revealing clothes be it Omanis or expatriates,” he stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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