Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
Muscat Electricity Distribution Company launches ‘Tara Ghaito’

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company launches ‘Tara Ghaito’

Saeed bin Abdullah al Batashi, head of Sustainability, stated that the organization adopted the 2017-2018 conservation program for some government institutions and college students in the Muscat governorate.

Batashi added that the campaign for government institutions aims to raise awareness amongst workers about the conservation of consumption in the different residential properties and buildings they use in common and the institution in which they function in certain.

The college students have been also targeted as the cornerstone on which this nation is constructed consequently, it is crucial to educate them about power conservation at residence and at college.

The electric power conservation campaign has focused on air conditioners as it consumes a lot more than 70 per cent, which is reflected on the consumer’s final consumption bill, as it is a single of the most employed devices in summer season time.

The campaign also suggested a quantity of issues that aid in the method of power conservation, such as cleaning air filters, adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner at 23 degrees Celsius, switching off the devices if the rooms are not in use and dispensing operating the heaters in the summer season. These suggestions aid decrease the month-to-month bill of electrical energy.

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company – a member of Nama Group – pays fantastic focus to the field of conservation and instilling this culture in the neighborhood via continuous awareness via different channels such as meetings, lectures, publications, media and different electronic media.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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