Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Municipality urges public  to keep garbage bins clean

Municipality urges public to preserve garbage bins clean

Muscat Municipality has urged the public to dispose their waste effectively and preserve the location about the trash bins clean and hygienic right after it empties them.

While the government has been investing in door-to-door collection program, residents should do their component in appropriately making use of the trash bins. “The bins provided in some areas are emptied by the municipality every morning. However, keeping the bins clean is the responsibility of the house owners. The bins need to be clean all the time to prevent bad smell and spread of insects,” a municipality official mentioned.

Residents of some neighbourhoods complain that the bins placed in front of their buildings are left unclean top to stench and spread of germs.

“I am glad the municipality put the bins just outside my building and they empty these every morning. But the problem is that the bins are left unclean and dripping with filthy liquids which triggers a terrible smell and attracts flies. I think the municipality should clean the bins after emptying them,” mentioned John Kurian, a Darsait resident.

The municipality’s clarification on the onus of preserving cleanliness lying with residents has led to some confusion. “Our building has many tenants and we have only two bins. We don’t have a building caretaker. So, who is responsible for cleaning the bins? Many cats, and dogs too, have been spotted rummaging through the waste,” mentioned Rajaak Khan, a resident of Muttrah.

Municipality autos empty trash bins everyday but not all neighbourhoods have the door-to-door garbage collection program. The municipality has plans afoot to cover all locations in Muscat quickly.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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