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Mountaineer garners attention of visitors at book fair with travelogue

Mountaineer garners interest of guests at book fair with travelogue

Authored by mountaineer Khalid al Anqoodi, the travelogue captures Oman’s all-natural beauty in all its glory. Illustrated with some exquisite photos, the book encompasses Oman’s exquisite landscape, uncommon plants and animals as effectively.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, the avid traveller and mountaineer explains when he began the book. “I began writing this book in 2017. With every chapter, I aim to give readers a peek into the sultanate’s all-natural treasures. The book has 4 chapters and 210 pages. We printed about 1,000 copies.

“The four chapters capture each and every aspect of nature: Plants, animals and the beautiful mountains that Oman is known for,” mentioned Anqoodi.

The book also aims to ignite young minds to take up mountaineering and indulge in numerous adventure sports achievable in Oman. “Description of Oman’s picturesque landscapes is certain to encourage the Omani youth to go out and discover the sultanate.

This will also market Oman as a tourist location.”

He also emphasised the significance of book fairs as an chance for Omani authors. “They are also a platform to exchange experiences with authors of different countries participating in the fair. Omani authors also need media and financial support to market their books.”

Having travelled to 64 nations, Anqoodi has 3 books to his name currently and scaled a number of mountains.

“I wish Omani books can reach different countries of the world. So, I am trying to translate my books into English and French.”

Anqoodi’s two books are titled, Safer Lam Yurwa Baad (Memoirs of travel for research) and Avenu of Brest.

Sultanate participates in Brunei International Book Fair

The sultanate represented by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and the Ministry of Information is taking element in the Brunei International Book Fair.

The fair which started on Tuesday will conclude on March eight. Oman’s participation in the fair comes to highlight the country’s achievements.

The sultanate’s pavilion contains a number of literary, historic and healthcare publications. A quantity of titles on numerous literary, artistic, scientific, media and historical subjects are also on show.

The sultanate and Brunei have robust cultural relations and they constantly seek to exchange experiences in numerous sectors.


Information Source: Muscat Daily

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