Friday, 9 Dec 2022
Motorists hail new traffic laws, say black point system to bring down violations

Motorists hail new site visitors laws, say black point method to bring down violations

Dev K G, a private sector employee mentioned, “Driving in Oman is all about two issues – making use of indicator whilst shifting lanes and following the speed recommendations.

The rest is straightforward. “The learning process is quite rigorous and you get your licence after many tests. Because of this everyone is usually cautious. But yes, these last three days have been slightly different.” When asked about a single modify he has observed in his personal driving, Dev mentioned, “Yes, I ensure that my friends or colleagues when travelling are buckled-up to prevent any fine. That’s one big change in the last few days.”

Surjeet Dash, nation head, Tata Consultancy Services who has been driving for numerous years mentioned that the new laws haven’t produced any distinction to his driving. “Everyone has been talking about the new laws for a while. Now that these laws are in force I am sure everyone will take them seriously. It’s for everyone’s safety. Yes, fines have increased but these have been done to deter potential violators.”

Ali al Zadjali, head of sections, Muscat Municipality mentioned that the new site visitors laws are great for the nation and society. “Some of the laws existed earlier too, but they are now being strictly enforced. Like a car seat for those under four years has been made mandatory. This is for children’s safety. “The fine for parking at slots reserved for the disabled has been increased from RO10 to RO50. This is a welcome move. Now, people will think twice before parking at such slots.”

Zadjali mentioned that the ‘black point system’ for violations is a great initiative to make sure that drivers are cautious. “They will know that if they cross 12 points their licence will be suspended for six months.”

He mentioned that new method of issuing a licence for 12 months for newcomers as well, is great. “Usually motorists make more mistakes in the initial months of getting the licence. So, they will be careful while driving.” Salim al Shakri, an employee with Oman Post mentioned the new site visitors laws are a single of the greatest moves by the government. “Those who indulge in rash driving are the ones who should be scared of the new laws. Fines have been increased to curb violations.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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