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Mother India Crochet Queens create history with three Guinness World Records

Mother India Crochet Queens produce history with 3 Guinness World Records

There had been 37 ladies and 16 boys and girls of ages six-17 years. The hat trick occasion was held in Chennai, India for the biggest show of crocheted sculptures. MICQ broke the earlier record of the UK of 13,348 sculptures which was set in 2014 with an unbeatable count of 58,917 sculptures. MICQ has previously won the Guinness World Record award for World’s Largest Crocheted Blanket in 2016 and World’s Longest Crocheted Scarf in 2017.

There was an ocean of sculptures spread out in the hall of SRM University in Chennai. The MICQ decided to concentrate on creating the world’s biggest collection of crocheted 3D sculptures in the type of Amigurumis, which are tiny crocheted dolls and automobiles buildings flowers, animals, birds, kitchenware, fruits and vegetables and so forth.

The theme of this record was ‘Go Green, Save Earth,’ The group’s regional heads allotted products to respective team members with directions on what was to be created and how to make it was taught with aid from YouTube and other crochet books.

The Tamil Nadu team members had come initial in contributing their sculptures with the Oman MICQ team winning the second position with five,060 sculptures, followed by the Mumbai MICQ team with four,000+ at third position..

The record was adjudicated by Swapnil Dangarikar of Guinness World Records, London. He checked the count twice to make positive each single sculpture is counted.

Over the final 5 months, 720 individuals from all more than the globe developed 58,917 crochet sculptures to set a Guinness record. Out of this, 532 had been from India and 188 had been from about the globe. The members felt that it will be a excellent challenge, and an intriguing 1 as well as most of the members had been new to Amigurumi type of crochet. The Oman team regional head Kiranpreet Kaur Sahni stated, “In the beginning, we were all sceptical about how to make 3D sculptures and making Amigurumi was completely new to us. But once we started, we got the hang of it. We kept on making more and more sculptures.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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