Monday, 20 Mar 2023
MoSD to electronically register the disabled for issuing parking permits

MoSD to electronically register the disabled for issuing parking permits

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Hamoud al Shabibi, associate director common, Directorate of Persons with Disabilities, MoSD stated, “At present, all people with disabilities submit their information on paper for registration. All this will change as the new electronic system will reduce the cumbersome process for registration of data. In the first step, they will register themselves electronically. In the second stage, the disabled will register their data on our website.”

He stated that the disabled has to upload his complete particulars which includes name and civil quantity. “After this, the ministry will issue a five-year permit. The present permit does not have an expiry date. It has only information about the disabled person who drives. The new permit will have information about disability categories such as children with cerebral palsy or those with mobility difficulties travelling in the vehicle.”

He stated that any vehicle owner accompanying a individual with disabilities can park at the slot for the disabled. “The disabled person has to leave his ID/permit on the dashboard.”

Shabibi stated that MoSD is cooperating with various government agencies such as the ROP and Muscat Municipality as nicely as non-government organisations to implement this new method. “The electronic system will help us to know the number of disabled who will benefit from these permits. We hope that people will cooperate in not parking at slots meant for the disabled. The ROP punishes anyone found violating the rule. The new traffic law imposes RO50 fine and two black points on anyone found violating the rule.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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