Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023
Month-long Al Shomoukh 2, Swift Sword 3 military exercises in Oman from October 1

Month-lengthy Al Shomoukh two, Swift Sword three military workouts in Oman from October 1

The workouts aim to accomplish combat and logistical knowledge in the field of military operations, by means of the use of contemporary technologies and weapons as nicely as boost the capabilities and preserve the operational preparedness of the armed forces of the two nations. “These exercises were pre-planned and part of the military exercises that we have done in the past. As the names suggest, these are follow-ups of the previous exercises [Al Shomoukh 1 and Swift Sword 2]. Now, we are upgrading the exercises as per the latest equipment, training needs and operational requirements,” stated Brig Gen Hassan bin Ali al Mujaini, head of moral guidance in SAF, at a press conference on Monday.

He stated that the coming workouts will have units from SAF, the Royal Air Force of Oman, the Royal Navy of Oman and their British counterparts. “Apart from military apparatus, there would be a number of government and private entities that will take part for everyone to get firsthand experience in matters related to military in real life.”

Brig Gen Mujaini stated that the workouts will be larger than the earlier ones. “We needed to expand the level of participation. We want to test the level of military capabilities and readiness. On the other hand, British forces are here to execute their strategies in military training and their agenda. Both the countries will learn from each other’s experiences. The aim of the exercises is to learn how to operate jointly.”

There would be a quantity of higher-level delegations from each inside Oman and other nations going to the workouts. “They will not only empower military apparatus but also non-defence bodies will have the opportunity to learn on how to support in case of any emergencies. It is an opportunity for all,” Brig Gen Mujaini stated.

On how the workout will deal with atmosphere and associated concerns, he stated, “Be rest assured that atmosphere will be taken care of. We have involved the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs in this regard. It would be an chance for them to find out how to deal with any emergencies.

“We have planned well for this exercise and we are confident everything will be fine. We will also learn from the UK in terms of environment management because they have better experience in the field.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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