Monday, 6 Feb 2023
MoH opens National Hyperbaric Center

MoH opens National Hyperbaric Center

Dr Aisha bint Habeeb al Bulushia, who is in-charge of NHC, mentioned that the sultanate is a single of the nations focussing on enhancing the wellness of its residents.

MoH has offered numerous solutions in fields such as projects like the National Diabetes &amp Endocrine Center, National Heart Center, and National Oncology Centre and so forth.

Dr Aisha added that NHC was set up in response to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s directive.

She mentioned that hyperbaric medicine is a single of the modern day branches, which offers pure oxygen at an ambient stress larger than atmospheric stress at the sea level. This remedy aids the physique tissues to regenerate, particularly the tissues that are exposed to damages due to chronic illnesses, radiation or burns.

The chief guest inspected numerous sections and facilities of the centre and was briefed about its solutions. The totally-equipped centre is constructed on an region of 851sq m and consists of a number of facilities such as health-related records section, an examination space, and 3 rooms for diagnosis and remedy.

The primary space of the centre has 3 hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) devices, which are the newest of its sort. Two of the devices can serve up to 12 persons and the other is intended for a single individual only.

The centre, which began operations earlier this year, has been equipped with all security procedures and systems. It has fire engines, alarms, fire sensors inside the hyperbaric oxygen devices and a quantity of emergency exits.

All wellness workers at the centre have been educated in specialised centres in Germany and Austria, and have undergone a sensible instruction programme at the health-related polyclinic of the Said bin Sultan Naval Base.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the primary remedy for a number of instances such as bubble blockage of blood vessels, acute poisoning of carbon monoxide gas and decompression sickness which impacts divers.

The hyperbaric oxygen is employed as a supplement therapy for numerous circumstances such as diabetic foot ulcers, burn injuries, sudden hearing loss, chronic osteomyelitis and ear infections and crushing injuries (accidents). This is in addition to instances brought on by acute microbes, wounds and slow healing ulcers.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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