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MoCI warns against using official emblems without licence

MoCI warns against making use of official emblems with out licence

In this regard, MoCI has seized a number of military uniforms sold in markets in violation of the Ministerial Decision No 270/2015. The Directorate General of Commerce and Industry in North Batinah in Sohar also has seized a number of items containing the official emblems of the nation.

In a statement, MoCI mentioned that it has initiated legal actions against violating companies and folks. “We warn commercial establishments and companies against the illegal use of Royal Emblem (crown, khanjar and two swords) and the national emblem (khanjar and two swords), as well as the Omani khanjar and the sultanate’s map on commercial products, as a trademark, commercial advertisement or on locally made or imported jewellery, products or other goods without prior permission from us,” MoCI mentioned.

‏The ministry mentioned that the use of the Oman’s emblem or Royal Emblem with out a licence is contrary to Royal Decree 53/2004 on the Law of National Flag, Emblem and Anthem.

The Royal Decree stipulates a number of penalties for violators. “Article 15 imposes fines against violating shops in the case of using the emblem without a licence and ensures confiscation of materials, without prejudice to any heavier punishment stipulated in any other law.”

Earlier also, the ministry had seized a number of items containing the Royal Emblem (crown, khanjar and two swords) and the national emblem (khanjar and two swords) in different governorates of the sultanate, by means of inspections carried out in cooperation with the ROP and Public Prosecution. The seized items comprised khanjars, swords, sticks, mussars, shawls, watches and rings.

MoCI also mentioned that it would take legal action against any person identified tampering with the identity of the Omani clothing such as the dishdasha, mussar and kumma. “We warn companies against any form of infringement of Omani identity and not to sell or import such products in any way.”

MoCI mentioned, “Ministerial Decision No 270/2015 prohibits the import of readymade garments, fabrics, textiles, footwear and all goods containing photos, slogans, offensive or obscene words that violate public order and morality, as effectively as these which have an effect on laws or include photos, logos or phrases connected to any terrorist organisation.

“It prohibits the promotion of such goods by any means whatsoever, as well as bans the import of military or similar clothes and their accessories, and the import, design or infringement of traditional Omani clothing or making any amendments that offend the Omani identity.”

The choice imposes strict penalties on any person identified violating the Omani conventional costume requirements.

“Anyone who contravenes the provisions of this choice shall be punished by an administrative fine not exceeding RO500 and an administrative fine not exceeding RO1,000 in the case of violation for the second time with the suspension of the licence for 3 months.

“An administrative fine not exceeding RO3,000 shall be imposed if the offence is repeated for the third time and the licence will be removed from the commercial register.”

The ministry has referred to as upon all industrial establishments wishing to use official emblems in their items to take official permission as effectively as not violate the Omani costume specifications.

“We request everyone to contact us through our website, social media channels or offices for providing information on any irregularities in this regard.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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