Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
MoCI okays sale of composite cooking gas cylinders in Oman

MoCI okays sale of composite cooking gas cylinders in Oman

According to a selection by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), the composite LPG cylinders, which are 100 per cent recyclable, resistant to UV, non-corrosive and non-explosive, can be sold at public points of sale.

H E Dr Ali bin Masoud bin Ali al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry issued (Ministerial Decision No 123/2018) the selection contemplating 3 foreign regular specifications and Omani binding requirements. These specifications aim to regulate the availability of such cylinders in the Omani marketplace.

The regular specifies ISO 11119-three:2013 for refillable composite gas cylinders and tubes – style, building and testing (composite and completely fibre-reinforced gas cylinders up to 450lt with non-metallic linings or non-loadable metal linings).

This specification addresses the specifications of composite gas cylinders reinforced with fibres which in turn are safer, atmosphere-friendly, simple to deal with and non-corrosive.

The ISO 14245:2006 regular for LPG cylinders and tests – self-closing is a mandatory Omani regular. This regular guarantees technical parameters for the optimum use of cooking gas, taking into account the specifications for self-locking valves operated via an auto reduce-off mechanism to minimize leakage or disconnection for secure usage.

The selection guarantees EN 16129:2013 regular for stress regulators and automatic modify-more than devices possessing a maximum regulated stress of up to four bar and a capacity of 150kg/hr created to hyperlink with security devices or butane and propane valves and their mixtures. The regulator is a crucial element controlling the circulation of gas. The fundamental function of the regulator is to manage the stress due to external or internal aspects.

The second post of the ministerial selection stipulates that an administrative fine of up to RO1,000 shall be imposed on any person who contravenes the provisions of this selection. The fine shall be doubled in case of a repeat violation.

The regulations for the licensing and sale of LPG in cylinders for public consumption will also be issued. These regulations consist of the mandatory specifications for the import of the regulator, the self-locking valve and the fibreglass cylinders.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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