Sunday, 29 Jan 2023
MoAF to collect 7,000 animal samples from various governorates till July

MoAF to gather 7,000 animal samples from numerous governorates till July

The aim of the process, which started in April and ends in July, is to gather about 7,000 samples of goats, sheep, cows and camels. This action comes inside the framework of the ‘Control of Animal and Common Diseases’ project, implemented by the ministry throughout this period. It aims to decide the spread of animal and typical illnesses that threaten public and animal wellness in the sultanate.

It also shows the seriousness, spread and geographical distribution of them, in order to strengthen monitoring mechanisms in the diagnosis and adhere to up the sources of transmission and take preventive measures to include them and create authorized methods in controlling them.

The project is anticipated to decide the actual reality of the illnesses covered by the study and its place at the governorate level. It will also supply an epidemiological map and a scientific database for the study and hence make suitable suggestions for combating and speedy intervention to handle it.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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