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Mixed reactions to new rule on metered taxis

Mixed reactions to new rule on metered taxis

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) has announced that implementation of the rule will be completed in a phased manner, beginning with Muscat. According to the rule, the base fare will be 300bz, and further 130bz/km thereon.

Muscat Daily spoke to some citizens and taxi drivers about the new rule.

Marwan al Balushi, a taxi driver who has been in the company for 11 years, mentioned, “I ferry passengers on the Muscat-Sinaw route. The new method is unfair specifically to drivers functioning outdoors Muscat and other wilayats. For instance, somebody who desires to take a taxi from Muscat to Sinaw at present shares the taxi and pays only RO3. But below the new rule, passengers will not be in a position to share and will have to spend close to RO25 for a distance of about 200km.

“As a result, no one will take a taxi from Muscat to Sinaw. We hope that the tariff outside Muscat and the rest of the wilayats will be suitable and fair, else it will be difficult to continue in this profession.”

Another driver, Hamed Thani al Salimi, who has been driving taxis for 15 years in Muscat, mentioned, “I welcome the decision. The new system is fair to both customers and drivers, especially when travelling in Muscat. But for those who live in Muscat and want to travel to other wilayats, they will find it difficult to hire a taxi as it will be expensive.”

Sameer Sulaiman al Zadjali, a retired government official, mentioned the new selection will be a increase to the tourism sector. “The new rule is expected to help regulate the transport sector.”

The rule is aimed to advantage a bigger section of the neighborhood, mentioned Nasser al Hosani, a businessman. “The decision is very important because it will serve a large segment of the society but the tariff fixed per kilometre is too much for passengers to afford. Instead, Mwasalat buses are cheaper and comfortable.”

For other individuals, like private sector employee Talal al Duhli, although the new tariff is welcome, the selection to finish the provision to share is not. “I am not happy because shared service may not be possible under the new rule. Not everyone will be able to engage a cab under the new pricing.”
Another resident, Ali Abdullah al Mahajeri mentioned the selection will adversely impact the low earnings group. “Under the new price scheme, if a person rode a taxi for a distance of 5km, he would pay around 820bz which is too much for those in the low-income bracket.”

Meanwhile, MoTC has confirmed that a private business will be identified by the finish of this year for the provide of electronic meters.

With the implementation of the Land Transport Law, taxis will be monitored by MoTC. The ROP’s part will be restricted to car inspection and registration.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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