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Ministry of Tourism organises first Little Tourist forum

Ministry of Tourism organises initial Little Tourist forum

Muscat – 

The Ministry of Tourism began the initial forum below the name ‘The Little Tourist’ from July eight to 19 for the students from fourth to tenth grade, in order to supply the participants (kids of employees) with numerous beneficial life abilities and boost their skills and improvement, in addition to investing the leisure time of students throughout summer season trip for their advantage.

The forum integrated numerous scientific and sensible instruction programmes as diverse as French language courses and courses for the improvement of English language.

In addition, the forum integrated a workshop by specialists from the ‘Morshed’ magazine about the character of the guide and some of the positions and historical figures that are wealthy in Omani history, accompanied by a visual presentation on the history of Oman. The forum also integrated instruction programmes on the preparation of kids in monetary management, savings and a instruction course entitled ‘You are No 1’, which aims to make the youngster a record in the improvement of self and moral excellence and creativity.

The programme also integrated tourist lectures on tourism guidance and tourism awareness, recreational tournaments, incentive prizes, abilities and intelligence games aimed at introducing and instruction students to create their creativity and encourage their talents and intellectual skills. The forum also integrated visits to some tourist attractions in Muscat, such as The Grand Mosque, the Museum of Natural History and the National Museum, in order to introduce the participating students to the distinctive tourist attractions in the Governorate of Muscat and the ancient history and heritage it holds.

The implementation of such events is component of efforts of the Ministry of Tourism to spread tourist awareness.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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