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Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs project sees collection of water through fog harvesting

Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs project sees collection of water by means of fog harvesting

Speaking to Muscat Daily, an official at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs stated, “It’s nature’s way of collecting accumulated condensed water on leaves or through the use of a mesh net. Accumulated water is stored in an artificial pond. It is used after the autumn season to irrigate locally-cultivated seedlings.”
The official stated that the project started in 2009 and has been effectively implemented at 4 areas in Dhofar so far. “The sites are at Ambroof in the wilayat of Rakhiout, Al Haq in the wilayat of Taqah, and Titam and Mafraq Zik in the wilayat of Salalah.”
The project at the 4 websites is spread more than an estimated region of 931,260sq m and collects about 350,000 gallons of water in the course of the autumn season.
Collecting water from air is not a new idea, but authorities in Dhofar have shown that fog harvesting can combat desertification. As Oman is a water-scarce nation, the want to tap unconventional water supply to meet supplies is essential.
Among the unconventional techniques, the possible to gather water from the air, such as fog harvesting, has lots of possible as shown in the Dhofar project.
Speaking about the objectives of the project, he stated, “The project helps in reducing desertification, increases green cover in the region and provide fresh water.”
The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs project has helped in the development of seasonal plants. “The project helps in creating environmental awareness among the population to preserve vegetation in Dhofar.”
Talking about the challenges, he stated, “We had some difficulty in getting specialised human resources to follow up the implementation of the project, the operation process, collecting data on the quantity of water and track the growth of cultivated plants at the sites. There were some challenges in providing the necessary financial resources to carry out periodic maintenance at the sites before the beginning of the autumn period.”
About future plans of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, the official stated, “We are keen to implement the project at new locations in Dhofar governorate. This will help to bring down the cost in implementing this project over a period of time.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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