Sunday, 29 Jan 2023
Ministry of Commerce and Industry organises training seminar for staff in Salalah

Ministry of Commerce and Industry organises instruction seminar for employees in Salalah

The 3-day occasion targeted the ministry employees from different departments and directorates in different governorates.

The aim of the instruction seminar was to create mental and behavioural abilities in solving different issues at perform, boost communication abilities in the workplace, and studying to deal with the attendees of the ministry.

It also looked to boost participants’ simple life abilities, self-management, institutional loyalty, and communication and influence abilities in the perform atmosphere.

Also, in the schedule was the art of listening to an successful and distinguished administrative employee, ten qualities of the most successful administrative officer, time management by self-management and perform stress management.

During the identical period, the management of the Fellowship Fund organised a quantity of cultural programmes, recreational activities and tours all through the Governorate of Dhofar in the presence of the president of the fund. During the tour, the employees enjoyed the khareef season and the gorgeous landscapes of the governorate. The president of the fund distributed some gifts to the participants and workers at the seminar.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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