Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries extends ban on issuing artificial reef licence for 5 years

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries extends ban on issuing artificial reef licence for five years

The choice is primarily based on the Marine Fishing Law and Protection of Living Aquatic Resources issued by Royal Decree 53/81.

Dr Hussein al Maskati, director, Development and Management of Fish Resources at MoAF, mentioned the ban has been imposed maintaining in thoughts the security of marine sources.

“To build artificial reefs, most of the fishermen throw building waste and other harmful things into the sea, which although temporarily help grow coral and attract a lot of fish, but are harmful to the marine environment. Secondly, the ministry aims to prevent disputes that arise between fishermen who demarcate fishing areas for themselves in the sea after establishing reefs. This will help organise the sector in a better way.”

Meanwhile, MoAF has began to establish a single of the biggest farms for artificial reefs more than an region of 20km in Suwaiq, mentioned Dr Maskati.

He added, “In the past, the ministry had established thousands of artificial reefs to boost marine life and income of fishermen in the area, so that they can raise their standard of living.”

Many artificial reefs have also been constructed along the coasts of the nation by some private businesses in North and South Batinah, South Sharqiyah and Muscat as component of corporate social duty.

Dr Maskati urges fishermen to select proper fishing strategies in order to preserve the marine atmosphere. Artificial reefs are also excellent tourist web sites that are of certain interest to divers.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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